IT Maintenance


Juniper Care Same Day Support

  • Juniper Care Same Day provides 24X7 access to technical support (TAC), software release, online support, Junos Space Service Now and same day 4-hr hardware replacement.
  • 1 Year Pre-Paid Support Agreement
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Software Support
  • 4 Hour Hardware Replacement
  • Access to Juniper TAC
  • No Onsite Engineer
  • Most equipment can be covered
  • All Juniper Support contracts are subject to availability


Juniper Care Same Day Support for TX Matrix Plus 3D up to two T4000 or four T1600 or a mix (1 T4000 = 2 T1600), includes TXP, SIBs and Cables, does not include T4000 or T1600

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